Behind Buddies

About us

At Buddies, we are passionate about food and proud to serve it. We aim to embed our brand in to the heart of each community we settle into and thus see our customers as a buddy. It is our responsibility to make sure that each visitor is satisfied with our food and the service.

Perfectly Fried Chicken

“PFC” is the original term used in East London to refer to local fried chicken legends. It’s a staple food that many of us East Londoners grew up on. However, we’d be lying if we didn’t say it has not progressed since the late 90’s. From recipe alterations and a variation in cooking techniques – it’s stagnated and has lost it’s originality over time – until now!

We’ve only gone and bought back that old school East London chicken, that you remember from your childhood. Made with a blend of secret spices, passed down over generations from chef to chef. Don’t believe us? Give it a go and try not to smile… we dare you!

Conception of Buddies

As we’re all huge foodies ourselves. We made it our mission to bring back that East London chicken, even better than before! We wanted to update it for the modern age and throw into the mix, some popular modern day specialities including our famous smash burgers, burritos and more.

… And that’s when Buddies London was born!